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  • Hong (Helen) Fu

    Licensed Acupuncturist

  • Dr. Hong (Helen) is a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist, If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, you found a nice clinic and a nice provider. Helen came from China with very strong family background of TCM and Western medical knowledge. She helps many people in both China and United States to relieve pain and raise the life qualities of her patients with 21 years' clinic experiences. Many patients have found her and found a way to avoid surgery or drugs -- and to avoid side effects. 

    • Chief medical provider of Ramon Natural medical Center in San Ramon.
    • M.S Graduate (1998-2000) from San Jose State University and CA State University of Eat Bay and M.S from HuNan University of TCM and HuNan Normal Universityin China.
    • Certified Tutorial Program (2010-2013)- successfully completed from CA Acupuncture Board.  
    • Office manager and intern provider(2001-2013) in YG Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Clinic and ATP Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic.
    • Intensive of research and experiences regarding to Autism via Chinese medicine and Acupuncture theories and clinical applications. 


    • Allergies
    • Autism
    • Insomnia
    • Pain Management
    • Depression
    • Weight Loss