• Testimonials

  • Living with the pain and stiff joints from ankylosing spondylitis was an everyday occurrence, but when the pain became too great to ignore I sought help from Helen. Her treatments provided relief and enabled me to move much more freely. In addition to the effectiveness of her treatments, I appreciate her caring touch, her holistic knowledge and her ability to listen. Her work has greatly improved the quality of my life.

    Marsha Nelso

  • I began seeing Helen for chronic tension headaches about 10 months ago. I had previously used acupuncture for relief from my headaches and was fortunate enough to find Helen in my search for a new practitioner. Helen treats the whole person, not just a list of physical symptoms and that makes all the difference. Helen asks questions before each session so that she can maximize the benefits of the treatment with the fewest needles possible. My treatments, which were weekly at the beginning are now monthly and I have experienced a significant decrease in the frequency, duration and intensity of my headaches. I have also found that my ability to handle stress has improved. I have recommended consultation with Helen to several of my family and friends for a variety of ailments and would encourage anyone considering acupuncture to schedule an appointment with her.

    Candice Patterson

  • Being a recipient of both Botox and Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation I
    prefer the Acupuncture. It softened and diminished the lines of my forehead and brought more clarity to my skin. The treatment itself, which can last over 1 hour, is very relaxing and offers a quiet time for meditation. It’s natural, safe and non-toxic. It’s all positive.
    By far, this is the best thing that I have ever done for me.

    Michael Clifford

  • I started seeing Helen in February 2016, I have had six sessions. I am amazed and feel like I received a miracle. The acupuncture immediately helped my fibromyalgia.

    Mary Jane Knasel

  • This is a testimonial about acupuncture. Back in March of 2016 I had a nasty fall resulting in major back pain. I went to the doctor only to receive pain medication. 6 wks later, still having pain went back to the doctor in which he told me I needed physical therapy. Physical Therapy didn't work, here it is October and still in pain. I was referred to Helen. By this time I was still skeptic about the acupuncture but was willing to try anything to get my back under control. I went to my appointment today not knowing what to expect. But let me tell you first hand that when the visit was over, I got up and felt like a new person. Not the first bit of pain! It was amazing. I could not be happier. I have made another appointment to work on some other issues I have with my body! Also just to let everyone out there know, the procedure is painless.

    Lisa Zieg

  • If you are interested in success stories regarding acupuncture treatment, I would be interested in sharing my remarkable story. I was a person who tried traditional medicine first, was suicidal, walking pharmacy, wasn't a part of body that didn't suffer from pain, had trouble with muscles working, and had such fluid retention, I thought the acupuncture doctor was going to turn me down. That was in Nov. 2016. I am drug free, emotionally better than been in years, and am able to control pain when not in a session. Traditional medicine still hasn't found out what is wrong with me, but if it was for acupuncture, I wouldn't be here today.

    Gloria Pryor